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Experience the future of Contract Lifecycle Management

One single platform for all contracting activities, enhancing data privacy & security, reducing liability risks and providing a full audit trail. That is the power of the Conveniunt Legal Platform.

According to Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management (February 2020), Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable 30% faster contract negotiation and document completion processes in organizations that deploy Contract Lifecycle Management, by 2023. We are at the verge of a paradigm shift that will radically change the way we operate Legal and Procurement activities.

At Conveniunt we not only truly believe this shift is inevitable, we also believe our place is at the forefront of it. Our Intelligent Legal Platform actively supports you and your counterparties in the full lifecycle of legal documents, from the very first contact to a signed contract and beyond. Bringing you value beyond the promised 30% reduction of handling time, right now.

How much money does your organization lose?

Due to long and painful processes, loss of data or lack of compliance

Imagine the impact on your business when even the most complex legal processes are 40-60% faster, you never lose a single document and you always have a full audit trail?

This is what the Conveniunt Legal Platform can do for your organization:

Our intelligent platform brings colleagues and counterparties together; getting legal documents done faster and in the most secure, efficient and user-friendly way. And you don’t have to wait and go through a long and painful installation process; after signing up you will be up and running within a few hours.

One of the best things about our platform is – because it is set up as a cloud-based, centralized system that exists between all permitted parties – there’s no need to send all the documents to all parties. It saves you time, risk and conflict. Everyone has the right access, to the right documents at the right time, with one single source of truth.

6 main features

Faster handling times and lower costs

Decreasing the end-to-end handling time of all your legal documents by a mind-blowing 40 to 60%.

In addition, we will empower and motivate your people by taking out repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more valuable work. We typically see an increase in efficiency in legal processes of up to 70%, leading to a significant decrease of the cost per legal document.

Never lose a single contract

By using one central repository for all your legal documents, perfectly organized and easy to access, it is literally impossible to ever loose a contract.

Our post-signing contract processes allow you to monitor and automatically respond to deviations between an actual status and what has been contracted. Or start the review and extension process before a contract reaches its end date.

Collaborate and control

Move away from complex and unpredictable legal processes to a collaborative model with clear timelines and actions for both internal and external stakeholders. Our intelligent platform will not only monitor timelines, it will also set actions to ensure the timelines are met.

Track the actual results of a contract in terms of performance, progress, value, costs or revenue throughout all stages of its lifecycle and automatically verify if the agreed obligations are met.

Quick configuration and deployment

The Conveniunt Legal Platform is already installed and configured for you in the cloud. Forget about long development and installation times, difficult discussions with your IT Department and unexpected customization costs.

Installation is as simple as having an internet connection and acquiring a log-in. You can start almost instantly with our pre-configured templates and processes, gradually customizing it to the Intelligent Platform that is exactly tailored to your needs.

Accessible anywhere, always available

Another advantage of our Intelligent Legal Platform is that you are able to access it from every device with an Internet connection at any time. It increases your mobility and independence in working with our platform.

With conventional software platforms, updates can require enormous amounts of time and money. This is not the case with the Conveniunt Legal Platform; every user that logs in to our platform, will always access the latest – updated – version.

A simple subscription model

The Conveniunt Legal Platform is available on a Pay-For-Use basis, allowing you to instantly start using any of our three Professional Editions. What all versions have in common is that they will allow you to automate and optimize end-to-end legal processes in a customized environment.

Our subscription fees include everything: from licenses, templates, platform updates and support to personalization and customization of your platform. And to get you started straight away we offer a free trial period of 1 month.

Security is our top priority

Data Security is a top priority for us, preventing unauthorized access to your data and protecting it against corruption.

A highly secure foundation

The Conveniunt Legal Platform is a cloud based solution, utilizing Microsoft Azure cloud computing services. Many enterprises around the world choose Azure as their trusted cloud provider due to its platform security.

Microsoft Azure is the only cloud service that offers continuous security-health monitoring. By utilizing the Azure Security Center and continuous integration, we can quickly detect threats and mitigate them.

Secure delegated access

One of the features of our Intelligent Legal Platform, is that it enables users to only access the data that is relevant to the processes and documents they are working on and is also based on their role in the process. In order to guarantee that only the right authorized users can access the data that is relevant to them, we use an OAuth 2 Identity Server.

Encrypted databases and communication

Conveniunt uses encrypted Microsoft SQL databases. In addition all communication in the browser is encrypted through HTTPS with SSL certificates.