The Conveniunt Legal Platform:

Completely change the way in which
you create and execute contracts

Fully offered as a Service

Allowing for a hassle-free and almost instant implementation of the platform within a couple of hours. Customers typically start using our platform within a day. Our clients do not require a training or need to do any configuration themselves.

Cloud-based on Microsoft Azure

Like Conveniunt, Microsoft has made security their priority and has designed Azure to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to protecting your data. Azure has many compliance certifications and is a top choice of high-risk industries such as health care and government.

Scalable and easy to integrate

One of the great features of the our Intelligent Legal Platform is its ability to auto scale according to the demands of the platform usage. Our pay-as-you-go pricing model will meet any budget.

In addition – as an option – API’s can be deployed to quickly interact with your systems and allow for an ever further optimization of your legal processes.

Always up to date

Platform updates are included in the fee. Depending on the edition, new features will be released over time to further improve the efficiency and user experience of our intelligent platform.

Highly secure

By utilizing the Azure Security Center and continuous integration, we can quickly detect threats and mitigate them. Access to your data is limited to authorized users, only the right authorized users can access the data that is relevant to them. An OAuth 2 Identity Server is used to manage the access rights. All our data is encrypted: from the data stored in the Microsoft SQL databases to all communication in the browser. The data in the browser is encrypted through HTTPS with SSL certificates.

Digital sign-off

Use of a digital signature allows us to close contracts with greater agility. As the Conveniunt Legal Platform can be used at any location and on multiple devices, acquiring the signature for a legal document is no longer bottleneck. On top of this digital signatures offer a higher level of security than a signature in a paper contract, thanks to the digital certificates and the encryption it uses. This allows verifying the digital identity of each signer and maintaining the chain of custody.

A process-based approach

The platform comes with an out of the box workflow system, which enables you to quickly set up and execute your legal processes.

Set up collaboration in few clicks

Invite users – both from within your company and from your counterparties – and make them part of the legal process. It will allow you to provide everyone with the right access, to the right documents at the right time, with one single source of truth.

Templates and re-usable content

Our platform comes out of the box with a number of standard templates, which can be easily adjusted to your organizations needs. Tailor-made templates can be added along the way and pre-filled with content from previous legal documents or other templates.

Three Editions

The Platform is available on a Pay-For-Use basis, allowing you to instantly start using any of our three Professional Editions. Automate and optimize end-to-end legal processes in a customized environment – with the click of a mouse.

The subscription are all-inclusive and include the licenses, templates, platform updates and support for the personalization and customization of your platform.

Free Trial

Conveniunt offers a free month of service for eligible customers. Your free trial lets you experience the full power of the Standard edition of our Intelligent Legal Platform. After the free trial period you can decide whether you want to continue with our service or not.

with the FREE TRIAL Version

Our Intelligent Legal Platform is optimized for small, mid-size and large Financial Services Institutes and Law Firms, but can be adjusted to fit any type of business

Start using our Intelligent Legal Platform now:

Moving from a complex and inefficient legal process to a process that is built around automation and collaboration

Our Intelligent Legal Platform is optimized for small, mid-size and large Financial Services Institutes and Law Firms, but can be adjusted to fit any type of business


Sign-up for the Conveniunt Legal Platform and choose one of the four versions: from the free Contract Community Edition to the fully packed Contract Excellence Edition. As Conveniunt is deployed in the cloud, you will be up and running in a few hours.


Start a new contract by choosing from available templates and select who should be involved. Data is automatically loaded from relevant internal and external systems and rules are automatically applied.

Collaborate and Negotiate

Set up a live connection with the team to immediately discuss open actions and questions and negotiate conditions with your client or 3rd party. Follow the status of the contract and interact directly with everyone involved. Get real-time status updates.


Review and provide feedback to the contract, placing markers and comments in the text without altering the document itself.


Digitally e-sign the contract and finalize the contract. The contract with all relevant data will be securely stored. Execution of the contract is automatically monitored and actions to the involved parties are triggered if needed.

Get one month free trial

Who would benefit

Law Firms

Close contracts with your clients in days instead of weeks. Collaborate with corporate clients on more complex contracts, kick-starting with one of the many pre-configured templates for law firms. Use one of the standard contracts for standard work, reducing the amount of repetitive and manual work to a minimum. Set and monitor the KPI’s and obligations per contract to gain insight in the performance of your organization and your clients, allowing you to continuously improve your business. Last but not least: offer a unique solution towards your clients that will increase their customer experience

Sales, Procurement or Vendor Management

Boost the collaboration between your Sales, Legal and Procurement departments. Work together with your vendors and clients on simple and on the more complex contracts. Even contracts between multiple parties are supported, involving all relevant stakeholders in the process and providing them with access to the information that they need. After contract signing, the solution will monitor and execute the agreed financial transactions at the moment the conditions are met. Standard dashboards and in-detail reporting allowing Legal, Procurement and Sales Management to track the progress and performance of all of your contracts.