Imagine the impact of turning a complex and unpredictable process that now takes around 20 hours, into an automated process that finishes within 6-8 hours.

As mentioned in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management, implementing a CLM platform – like Conveniunt’s Legal Platform – can lead to significant improvements in revenue management, costs savings and efficiency.
Understanding and automating the contract creation and management processes, can also limit an organization’s liability and increase its compliance with legal requirements.

The struggle to manage contracts ends here

Organizations without CLM struggle to manage their contracts, increasing the risk of overlooked penalties, lost revenue, damaged brands and lost savings. In some cases poor contact management can even lead to lost contracts, unexpected renewals and expirations. And what about the risk of hidden clauses that leave your company open to liabilities?

A ROI of less than 12 months

Our research has indicated that implementing a smart contract management solution has – in most cases – a Return Of Investment of less than 12 months. Imagine the impact Conveniunt has on the legal process at its clients, by offering an Intelligent Legal Platform that can be deployed almost instantly and that offers everything a smart contract management solution can offer – and more – in a pay-for-use model. On top of our professional editions, we offer a free community edition of our platform that allows individual users to experiment with our platform, prove its value to themselves and their leaders and help us in further improving the functionality of it.

One single, secure platform

Conveniunt offers the end of poor contract management with one single, secure platform that caters all contracting activities and that enhances data privacy & security, reducing liability risks and providing a full audit trail. It features efficient workflows, automated reminders, clause libraries and pre-approved templates.

Interested in our values?

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Here is how to we help your business grow

We partner with our clients in their digital transformation journey towards Automated, Traceable and Auditable legal processes. In this partnership, built on trust and collaboration, we help by moving away from complex business propositions towards user-friendly apps and systems that create tangible results.

We care about the impact of our technology on your organization and make sure that everyone who should be involved, is involved in every step of that journey. This is how we secure bringing 100% of the potential of our platform to you. This will ultimately result in short handling times for legal documents, leading to better relations and stimulating the growth of your business.